Happy Holidays!!!!!😁✌️

Hey hey Fashion Ninja’s! Now don’t be too mad at me for not posting but school has gotten in the way of my life😜 but I’m here now so…. I got this dress from Gabriel Bro’s if you don’t have one in your city then… Your seriously missing out. I say this because they have a lot of great designer things at great prices. I just love this dress and how it looks and feels, it’s a little itchy but that’s because it’s made of a heavy wool material. My leggings which I got from Conway I think paired nice with this dress keep my legs warm(even if there wasn’t any snow). I got my boots from Payless for 11.00 I think😓I got the boots from the Christmas sale that they had the other day😁. We’ll Ninja’s I hope you all have a Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

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Hello Erzulliestas!

This is my first attempt to a plus size sketch okay? Bear with me. Anyway, I would like to know if our Erzulliestas would be okay for us to produce any of these dresses? Which one do you think you will most likely to buy from us based on your current lifestyle?

Any feedback related to the topic is welcome. Lol. Comment here.



I think that you should make the sweet one, and have it In multiple colors or maybe even prints. I think both are amazing thought, so if you made both it they would be amazing.

OOTD- The Sea and its Stripes

OOTD – Striped sea. I freaking luv my mama for getting me this dress ♡ it’s from Rainbows #Fashion #FashionKilla #FashionBlogger #RainbowShops #HarajukuLovers #PlusSizeFashion

Chillin with Garfield for OGT week ∩__∩.First really fashion photo:
Beanie: Dots
Jacket: Dots
Shirt: Conway
Jeggings: Rainbows
Shoes: payless

CoverGirl Outlast #875

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I wanted to start my blog out talking about the CoverGirl Outlast 3in1 primer. The things that I say on here are what I think about the items. Okay so I really love this product because this was my fist time buying a primer before and I have to say it’s really light and comfortable. The Outlast doesn’t feel heavy with is good if you’re always on the go like me. ALSO it has a built in SPF 20 in it so you don’t get a sunburn which is awesome because sunburns can cause skin cancer (I watch a lot of Doctor Oz). Another things is that it has a primer, Concealer, and foundation so you don’t have to buy all the different types of foundations and things separately where’s with this you just get the one bottle with all three.

Well that’s all I have today so bye guys
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