Happy Holidays!!!!!😁✌️

Hey hey Fashion Ninja’s! Now don’t be too mad at me for not posting but school has gotten in the way of my life😜 but I’m here now so…. I got this dress from Gabriel Bro’s if you don’t have one in your city then… Your seriously missing out. I say this because they have a lot of great designer things at great prices. I just love this dress and how it looks and feels, it’s a little itchy but that’s because it’s made of a heavy wool material. My leggings which I got from Conway I think paired nice with this dress keep my legs warm(even if there wasn’t any snow). I got my boots from Payless for 11.00 I think😓I got the boots from the Christmas sale that they had the other day😁. We’ll Ninja’s I hope you all have a Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Signing out,