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So here it is it’s not all that great but I’m just beginning (Originally I was going to do the Lana Del Rey design that Petja did Look her up on YouTube @Petra Kozina Makeup she’s awesome!) So I did my own thing and used this purple shimmer by ‘Blush for the upper part for my crease I used a lavender shimmer by ‘Blush’ and for my crease line since I’m heavy lidded I used a mixture of both and came out with a medium hue of purple!

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LipSmakers To-Ki-O Treats: City Nights Eye Shadow

HI HI Ninja’s! Yesterday I bought one of the new LipSmakers To-Ki-O Treats eye shadows. Let me just tell you this eye shadow is AMAZING the shadow has glitter in it which is a win-win for me. Also the To-Ki-O Treats has two vibrant colors in it which are a purplish blue and a pale pink. I’m not that big on the color pink but with this eye shadow i feel like its not to much by that I mean not all that bright but instead a pale classy kind of pink and not the pep-to pink. In addition to that it doesn’t feel heavy and if you have ever had any eyeshadow or just make up in general when you start out a lot of it feels extra heavy but this didn’t which gave it an A++ in my book.

Another thing is that the case for the eyeshadow which shows Daisy and Minny in a 1950 chibi form of them instead of the Micky Mouse Clubhouse version of the characters  To me the presentation of the make up case means a lot because as a consumer i want the product to appeal to me as a teen not me as a Preschool on up with its packaging and i believe that Bonnie Bell showed that by not making it the same drawing tat they use for the new wave of the Micky Mouse characters that we often see on Disney Jr. Well that’s all i have for today (I might update later since i put this up super late)

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To-Ki-O Treats

Hi Hi look what I just got! ill be doing a post on this tomorrow