Ninja Review: Kidecals

Hi guys!!!!

So recently I was given
an opportunity to try some things from Kidecals. If you don’t know already Kidecals is a online shop that has things like labels, decals, stickers, and things for your MacBook needs when it comes to putting adittued on your most loved things or even just your home goods. I got two things from here A sticker for my Laptop and Chalk labels for my mothers spices from the Kidecals Chalk labels section.

Kidecals website is pretty easy to get around on they have different sections depending on who are what age group your shopping for. Their sections range from kids on up to Adults and College students. If you happen to have a Google plus or Facebook and you like their site your able to get a 15% discount off your order. Another great thing about Kidecals is the fact that shipping is free which makes life a little better when your shopping for decals or labels for your everyday needs.

It took about a week and some change for my things to be delivered from Kidecals via USPS which was great since I didn’t have to wait long for my package to come. πŸ“¬ Their products came in a cute envelope that advertised their company and logo eloquently, with my things there wasn’t any of that spam that I know everyone hates to get from companies that have their Handles and hash tags on 4 fliers. Since they already had all that stuff advertised on their envelope which eliminated all the hassle.

A lot of their things are reasonably priced, and very durable which is a plus for when you wash jars or if you are heavy handed. The sticker that I got says “I Speak Geek” when I applied it to my laptop I noticed, how durable it is unlike other decals that are flimsy and the wax starts to melt from the heat after only a couple of days this decal is still going strong which is a great plus. The sticker is currently $5.00 which is a great price for a laptop decal.

My mom loves the Chalk labels and the fun that they bring to the kitchen with her spice and mason jars. They give a pizzaz to our country style kitchen. They cost $10.00 and is apart of their chalk label collection. The chalk Doesn’t really come of when doing jar maintenance and clean up which is awesome.

I think any mom, College student or Athlete could really use the decals and labels from Kidecals because of the durability and the fun designs that they have for all genders and personalities.

It just so happened that they gave me a discount just for you guys my loyal Fashion Ninja’s for 15% off your order all you have to do is enter this code


At the end of the check out process. When you order. Also show me what you guys got and tell me what you think!


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Poietic Contraptions

Poietic Contraptions

Crop top

Keds shoes

Brian Lichtenberg black hat
$66 –

Tech accessory

Topshop sunglasses
$40 –

Black mascara

Butter London lipstick
$27 –

Black glitter eyeliner

Nail polish