NYLON Cover Shoot w/ JayP.

NYLON Cover Shoot w/ JayP.

H M blue green dress
$13 –

H M moto jacket
$55 –

Thigh high hosiery

Black ankle booties
$39 –

River Island gold tone jewelry
$3.13 –

Lancôme lip makeup

Rimmel volume mascara
$11 –

Thought Bubbles: Clothing Stores living in a Plus size world!

I think that now that Wet Seal is putting up the initiative by making a plus size store that you can actually go to, that stores like Forever 21+, American Eagle, and Many others should now branch out so that us plus teens and young adults can go and buy our close physically. Instead of doing online shopping and not being able to put it back on the rack if you don’t like the product.In addition to this is the fact that when you do buy something off the internet without being able to try it on in the store it sometimes causes you to feel… Sad if what you just did a $50 purchase from a big name shop and it didn’t fit like it was advertised. I mean I LOVE stores like Aeropostale… But when they say that a jean is a certain size it’s not true all the time and sometimes the 2x shirts fit like a medium. I remember the last time I bought from them I had a break down because they didn’t fit which cause me to realize that even if I think that I’m as beautiful as a size 4 model society doesn’t. So this brings us to why I wrote this post to begin with, I wanted to give you guys some plus size clothing stores that I look at and shop from that have clothes that are meant to give you self Esteem and a way to look cute in the clothes that you see your smaller friends in.


1. Forever 21’s plus line is actually quite cute, I haven’t bought anything from there as of yet but a lot of the reviews are good. Their denim starts at 11.80 for the Pre- fall collection and their jean sizes range from 12-20 they have a lot of cute sizes to choose from and they are ever-growing with their plus section, also their shirts range from 1x to 3x which are amazing.



2. Now this is a store that I will always be talking about… Because their EFFFFING AWESOMEEEE! I already have a High waisted Letterman skirt from them which I did a post about a couple of months back. PoshShoppe is an online store, which I know goes against my rant above but all their clothes are plus size. What I like about PoshShoppe is that they go against the mold for plus size fashion, with crop tops, bodycon dresses, and High Waisted Skirts and Pants. Now I know what you’re thinking CROP TOPS!?!?!?!?!? FOR US!!! yep they have crop tops for us just because society say that we can wear certain things and look ‘flattering’ doesn’t mean we can look gorgeous in them. PoshShoppe just found a way for us to look great in outfits that society doesn’t want us to wear. Now their sizes run from 1x to 3x which is amazing and they have a measuring chart also so that you can know if your measurements match theirs.


And last but not least!

Domino Dollhouse

3. Domino Dollhouse for all you Rockabilly chicks like Moi, are able to go here for you plus size needs. Even though I haven’t bought anything from here yet I have read the reviews and saw their different shoots for Skorch Magazine. They have a wide range of fashion styles from Rockabilly to Galaxy print, also they have Corsets which are amazingly awesome. Also they have cute leggings and great accessories, their sizes range from 1x to 4x which is pretty awesome for size ranges.

Domino Dollhouse

Now I know I could have added places like Deb, Dots, and Rainbows but I wanted to incorporate shops that not a lot of people know about. So my lovely Ninjas here is a list of stores that offer clothing for us (Jeans and thing like that) Comment at the bottom your favorite clothing stores, and your stories about being Plus size in a body conscious world.

The Curvy Fashion Ninja

MTv/ Back to the 90s

MTv/ Back to the 90s

H&M blue jeans
$47 –

River Island ring
$6.25 –

Nivea lip treatment
$2.80 –

House of Mouse

House of Mouse

NIKE white leather shoes
$110 –

Blue bag

Wire ring

River Island leaf jewelry
$3.12 –

Lancôme bright lipstick

Lancôme curling mascara
$34 –

L occitane

School W/ The Avengers

School W/ The Avengers

H&M plus size jeans
$39 –

Comic book
$26 –


$19 –

Slouch beanie

Iphone case

Lancôme red lipstick

Beastie Boys – Paul Revere

Beastie Boys – Paul Revere