Thick Thighs, Mascara Eyes

Thick Thighs, Mascara Eyes

Simple and Clean

Simple and Clean

Fashion Bloggers can do it all

Fashion Bloggers can do it all

OOTD’s, New ideas, School, and Summer!!!!!!!

HI Hi Ninja’s! How is your day going so far? Are you guys well? Have you all gotten out of school yet? and have you caught the SUMMMER BUGG? are all the thoughts going through my mind as I write this today to you Summerbums! Well you guys I know that I haven’t posted a full OOTD in a long time and that is because Online High school is very demanding. I don’t really think a lot of people understand that going to online school is a lot harder than it is to go to a Brick and Mortar school. With online school you can’t do ‘group work’ because there’s only you and your computer not you and about 200 other students in one school.Also another thing is that the work is 10 times harder than what everyone thinks it is, a lot of my friends think that I basically do nothing during the day and that I can just play. When in actuality i’m doing homework that requires me to do 10 pages on a research paper, college level coursework, and no social life during it. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter but I might do a post on how to survive Online High-school because its hard.

So Ninja’s my summer break starts on the 31st and let me tell you my teachers are trying to kill us with school work, I can’t wait to sleep until 9 (My mom is crazy if you sleep until 12).Trying to complete school work is one of the reasons why I can’t do a full spread until the 31st i have to do work (Blah :P) plus my hair is a hot mess I don’t want to subject you guys or myself to that.  On another note I’m thinking about doing a ‘my Fashion Icons’ segment once a week starting in June, What do you guys think comment? Give me any ideas that you might have so that I can make  my blog better for you the readers. On the week of the 21st i will be doing special post as it is me and my brother’s birthday week, were 8 years and 4 days apart so its going to be one hectic week plus I’m turning 16 (OMFG!!!) which means I can finally drive and  work. Well other than all that crap PLEASE give me any Ideas that you the reader’s want me to post on the blog to give me a just on what you guys like. Also tell me you netflix addictions because I need new schos to watch for the summer right now im reindaing my inner GossipGirl and Heroes fanatic.




OOTD- Beauty meets Comfort

OOTD- Beauty meets Comfort. So I’m getting my hair done today +_+ so I need lots of comfort. #FashionKilla #FashionBlogger #Fashion




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