OOTD-Faded Jeans and Summer Dreams

OOTD-Faded jeans and summer dreams. I know this isn’t a full OOTD but I didn’t lay my things out I just put them on (I was super tired) but these are my faded plaid cutoffs . #Fashion #FashionBlogger #FashionKilla

OOTD- The Sea and its Stripes

OOTD – Striped sea. I freaking luv my mama for getting me this dress ♡ it’s from Rainbows #Fashion #FashionKilla #FashionBlogger #RainbowShops #HarajukuLovers #PlusSizeFashion

Lana Del Rey- Young & Beautiful

(I know this is not related to fashion YET! But I couldn’t help it) I just Heard the Lana Del Rey song ‘Young & Beautiful’ and i just have to say that its an amazing song. I’m glad that they had her do the main song for the soundtrack because her voice reminds me of the 1940-50s era singers which goes perfectly with this movie because its based off of war times during the 40s 

The Great Gatsby soundtrack out May 6 (international) / May 7 (US).
Pre-order on iTunes and get Young & Beautiful right away:

Deluxe – http://po.st/uXiXiX
Standard – http://po.st/pqCUDv

Film in cinemas May 10 (US) / May 16 (UK)

WordPress and Tumbloging

Hi Hi Ninjas! 

So i just wanted to say that I have my WordPress blog up and running with this one (They’re the same but just a little different) so please check that out for me! I’m still posting on this I just know that a lot of people don’t have a Tumblr so I have both hat an the BlogLovin’ (Which you can find in my description box)



Make Me Up

So here it is it’s not all that great but I’m just beginning (Originally I was going to do the Lana Del Rey design that Petja did Look her up on YouTube @Petra Kozina Makeup she’s awesome!) So I did my own thing and used this purple shimmer by ‘Blush for the upper part for my crease I used a lavender shimmer by ‘Blush’ and for my crease line since I’m heavy lidded I used a mixture of both and came out with a medium hue of purple!

#FashionBlogger #Fashion #FashionKilla #Fashion&BeautyBlogger

All my Eyeshadows

Messing with make up └(^o^)┘ #FashionBlogger #Make-up #Lancolm #Blushcosmetics #KissNewyork #Fashion&BeautyBlogger